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Together, Heidi and Russ, offer more than 50 years of experience in web design, software development, testing, technical writing and speaking.

Both Russ and Heidi graduated with degrees in Chemical Engineering from the University of Michigan but each moved quickly to careers in software development. Heidi founded Groovy bits in 1999. Russ formally joined the partnership in 2006, having previously worked for such industry leaders as Microsoft and Macromedia (now Adobe).

Heidi has concentrated on commercial sites (eCommerce, banking and financial services, and high-tech manufacturing) requiring sophisticated database support. As a Dreamweaver developer at Macromedia, Russ specialized in providing enhancements to support CSS and ASP.NET. Russ' current focus continues his earlier work with Microsoft that demonstrates the power of Microsoft's ASP.NET technology. Together, Heidi and Russ bring a wealth of experience to any job.

In addition, Heidi and Russ have provided web development services free-of-charge for a number of non-profit organizations. The first was a non-profit conservation organization based in Ecuador called Nature and Culture whose mission was and continues to be the conservation of threatened ecosystems and cultures of Latin America.

We work closer to home these days supporting the web sites of Domestic Violence Solutions for Santa Barbara County, whose goal is to end the intergenerational cycle of domestic violence and Carpinteria Beautiful, a non profit in our home town devoted to keeping the city "clean, green, and beautiful."

For more information, please refer to our summary page and resume pages for Russ and Heidi.

Montecito Bank & Trust has had an ongoing working relationship with Groovy bits for several years now. We consider Groovy bits one of our most trusted marketing support companies. They take the initiative to provide helpful insight and solutions, but what really distinguishes them from many other companies we work with is their commitment to delivery. When Groovy bits says they will deliver, they do – without falter. It’s a complete pleasure working with Groovy bits. Professionalism, quality, and commitment to delivery. Pretty refreshing qualities today. We highly recommend them.
Carolyn Tulloh
SVP, Director of Marketing
Montecito Bank & Trust
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