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Russ Helfand, Developer

Websites of note Cloud experience Helped create these applications

Currently building the
Microsoft Partner Network

Other sites: Silverlight, Web and Azure

Former Program Manager
on Microsoft's ASP.NET team

Currently building Azure-based web services (WCF) and role-based websites

Redis caching, blob and CDN storage

Deep experience creating and consuming services

Dreamweaver (Adobe Systems)

Drumbeat (Elemental Software)

StyleManager (Animated Images)

Insight II (Biosym Technologies)

C#, ASP.NET, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, SQL, XAML
Azure, Visual Studio, SharePoint, SQL Server Management Studio, TFS

Microsoft Corporation

Dec 2005 – present (vendor)
June 2004 - Dec 2005 (employee)

Web development: Microsoft Partner Network, Azure, Web, Silverlight, Expression, PlayReady, Design

ASP.NET framework development: CSS Friendly ASP.NET Control Adapters

Program Manager on the ASP.NET team: Rich User Experience, Silverlight / ASP.NET / AJAX

Adobe Systems, Inc.

Oct 1999 - June 2004

Principal Engineer, Dreamweaver

Specialized in ASP.NET and CSS (work granted a patent)

Elemental Software, Inc.

Dec 1997 - Oct 1999

Senior Software Engineer, Drumbeat

Desktop application for creating websites with ASP and HTML

Animated Images, Inc.

Nov 1994 - Mar 1997

Software Engineer, StyleManager

CAD for apparel design using C++, SQL and ActiveX

Biosym Technologies, Inc.

Mar 1989 - Sep 1993

Software Manager, Insight II

Biotechnology: simulation of proteins and other large molecules

VideoCipher Corp

Feb 1987 - Mar 1989

Software Engineer

Simulation of integrated circuits

Calma Co

May 1984 - Feb 1987

Software Engineer

CAD/CAM software



B.S. ChE, University of Michigan, 1984

805-684-3046   Carpinteria, CA 93013

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