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Heidi Bautista


I'd like to work with you to maximize the potential of your website. Whether you need assistance boosting the performace of your site or creating a new site from the ground up, you'll be getting a web developer with proven technical and communication skills.

Websites of Note

Skills Summary

WordPress, ASP.Net, Photoshop, Fireworks, PCs, Macs, C#, VB.NET, LINQ, AJAX, XHTML, SQL, JavaScript, SQL Server, Visual Studio, Dreamweaver, Source Depot, Visual SourceSafe, Windows, Mac OSX, UNIX, PayPal,, Axia Payments.


  • Community MX. I've contributed over 100 articles and tutorials on ASP.NET, SQL, Dreamweaver, and business development.
  • MX Developer's Journal. My article, The Tag That Takes the Drag Out of Coding, appeared in the February 2004 issue of the magazine. The article details the use of Macromedia's DataSet custom tag.
  • Macromedia's Developer Center (devnet). I've written ASP.NET articles explaining how to implement Forms-based authentication with single or multiple roles defined and customizing the appearance and execution of the DataGrid tag.

Professional Experience

Groovy bits (Carpinteria, CA)
Partner, Sept 1999 - present
Web site design, application programming, and database development. Please see our portfolio.

Community MX
Partner, June 2003 - May 2007
As a partner, I authored more than 100 articles for this subscription website, which offers high-quality articles, tutorials, extensions for the Adobe suite of products. I primarily write on the subject of ASP.NET but have also contributed articles on ASP, SQL, Dreamweaver, and business development.

IDG Books Worldwide
Technical Editor (Contractor), May - August 1999
I was responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the new book Drumbeat 2000 for Dummies. Drumbeat is a software tool particularly useful for building dynamic (database-driven) web sites. Completion of this task required a thorough understanding of and an ability to communicate the complexities of HTML, ASP, SQL, and databases.

Elemental Software, Inc.
Programmer, January - April 1999
I participated in a unique apprenticeship program at ESI. My programming responsibilities included: diagnosing and fixing bugs and adding user interface features to Drumbeat, which is a large, commercial software package used to design and build database-driven web sites. The program gave me the valuable experience of working with complex, legacy software.

Elemental Software, Inc.
Technical Writer (Contractor), June 1998
I wrote tutorials illustrating the use of JavaScript within the company's Web authoring product Drumbeat.

Biosym (now BIOVIA)
Technical Writer (Contractor), October 1997 - April 1998
I participated in the effort to produce the company's first Internet-accessible documentation suite. I updated the existing FrameMaker documents to optimize the conversion to HTML and then converted the documents using WebWorks Publisher (Quadralay Corp.).

Camden Public Library
System Administrator/Librarian, February 1995 - January 1997
In addition to the more traditional librarian duties of helping patrons locate information in our printed materials, I also:

  • Administered and implemented access to the Internet and designed the library's web pages.
  • Developed training courses for using the Internet and other computer facilities at the library.
  • Modernized the hardware and software of the existing computer network.
  • Performed the day-to-day administration of the hardware and software (including Novell networking issues).

Biosym (now BIOVIA)
Technical Writer and Editor, July 1991 - September 1993
I was responsible for managing large software documentation projects from conception to final production.

  • Translated highly technical information into understandable and usable descriptions and directions.
  • Worked closely with scientists and developers.
  • Participated in the formal software review process using Requirements and Design documents.

ComputerVision, Inc.
Programmer, June 1990 - June 1991
Customer Support Application Engineer, September 1987 - June 1990
Quality Assurance Engineer, December 1985 - September 1987

Helle Engineering
Plastics Department Manager, September 1984 - September 1985

Work/Travel Sabbaticals

I have been fortunate to supplement my formal education and work experience with two sabbaticals that combined work and travel. The energy and creativity I bring to work assignments is a direct result of living and working with unique people in diverse environments. When I come back from such an adventure, I am completely energized and ready to plunge into work again.

April 1997 - September 1997
During the first half of this 6 months, my husband and I managed an eco-lodge in the jungles of Costa Rica. Learning the language and studying the culture and environment filled our leisure time. For the final half our our sabbatical, we canoed in Maine's North Woods, hiked and climbed in the Canadian Rockies, and happily visited with several relatives.

September 1993 - October 1994
This sabbatical was also international: a month in Nepal volunteering at the Institute for Biodiversity, followed by several months traveling throughout the United States, and ending with two jobs in Costa Rica. The first was teaching Advanced Placement calculus in a San Jose high school and the second was managing an eco-lodge near the Panamanian border.


B.S., Chemical Engineering, University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI), 1984

Contact Information

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Carpinteria, CA 93013
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